Workplace Culture and Mental Health

Mental Health Programming

We have supported many organizations in building the programs needed to support a psychologically safe and healthy work environment.  We work with our clients to assess their current progress and how they can leverage many existing activities toward a coordinated and comprehensive program focussed on moving the measurable goal posts.  We enhance the management of mental health issues and workplace well-being and meet reporting requirements to demonstrate accountability and results. This involves:
1.Workplace Strategy and Action Plan focused on changing the culture through leadership and building capacity to support employees and managers
2.Performance Measurement Framework including governance mechanisms and measurement indicators to assess the current state of organization health, and demonstrate accountability for continuous improvement, progress and results.
3.Organizational development and team building to operationalize respect in the workplace including embedding them as part of competency requirements and performance management .
4.Manager Training with tools and techniques to build competency in promotion, prevention and resolution of mental health conditions and issues
5.Coaching leaders on their own state of mental health, self-care and how to better manage their diverse workforce and set the tone for respectful and supportive behaviour in the workplace

Change Management

We have supported large business transformation projects with the full spectrum of change management methodology.  We work collaboratively to facilitate with champions, sponsors and stakeholders the strategy and roadmaps, assessment of impacts, and tools for effective change interventions. Our speciality is in assessing stakeholder impacts, and understanding more than just the training and communications requirements. Read more >

Values-based Leadership Development

We provide an interactive and participative session that builds leadership competency in values-based ethical leadership. Leaders learn how to lead with Emotional Intelligence and the difference between a Moral Person/Moral Manager and the dangers of ethical neutrality. They then learn what is required to create a supporting and positive ethical culture through their personal leadership. A key outcome is creating your Leadership by Values Plan (LVP).

Culture Change Roadmaps for Sustained Integration of Desired and Positive Behaviours

Culture change involves a variety of interconnected tools and program elements. With Senior Executive Teams, we have designed feasible multi-year programs to achieve a sustained culture of achievement. Our tools and best practices quickly bring organizations up the learning curve, and create confidence in the ability to influence corporate culture and mitigate ethical risks. Read more >

Values Statements and Codes of Conduct

Values statements are put in practice through codes of conduct.  Codes of conduct are not compliance documents, but should be the best expression of the culture of your organization, and what makes for a productive and respectful workplace.  We have developed organizational codes and respectful workplace policies for over 15 organizations. We have various models and best practices that can be tailored to your organizational requirements and preferences. We have also “socialized” the Codes and policies in All-staff Town Halls and in sessions with intact work teams.  These ensure buy-in, further feedback and the kick-start of dialogue on workplace cases or scenarios.

Building Respectful Workplaces (including harassment prevention)

The source of disrespect in the workplace including harassment is directly related to the quality of workplace relations and the ability to effectively and respectfully manage conflict as it arises.  Through our Respect Effect employee training and dialogue sessions we work with you to build respect in the workplace. Read more >

Investigations of Wrongdoing and Harassment

We have developed policies and procedures for disclosure of wrongdoing and harassment, and built and delivered awareness programs to employees.  Were wrongdoing or harassment occurs, we conduct investigations, and provide independent reporting.  Our peer review process ensures each report withstands significant scrutiny for findings.  We have our own code of conduct and ethics for ensuring the full objectivity and impartiality of investigations.  Often we go back to the workplaces to restore the positivity of the workplace and develop action plans for moving forward.

Self and Team Assessments of Positive Behaviours

Any strong team-based culture requires tools and approaches for dialogue about how best to sustain a positive and productive workplace.  Our tools allow your teams to self-diagnose and develop action plans around best behaviors:  to demonstrate integrity and respect for both managers and all employees. We work with clients to refine and tailor them to organizational needs, as an integral part of management processes, particularly performance management and risk management.  We develop guidance for managers in how to have meaningful discussions with staff about different workplace scenarios.

Ethical Risk Framework and Assessment

Ethical risk is directly related to whether the right practices and behaviours in the workplace are well aligned to your values.  In the hurley-burley of business tasks, it is crucial for organizations to determine if any ethical risks that can affect reputation are assessed. For example:  Do managers fully understand the values around staffing and how to ensure their leadership is not questioned because of a poorly communicated staffing process?  This tool is a companion to the organizational Code of Conduct. It is used to have leadership discussions on real and possible areas of risk and used to develop mitigation measure to prevent undesirable behaviours and actions.