Peter Hadwen

Achieving Results in the Workplace


During his 25 year career Peter Hadwen, his partner Marilyn Domagalski and associates have shared a conviction that business success and professional satisfaction comes from great persistence in bringing purpose, process and people together to meet client needs.

Peter, has a depth of expertise across the managerial disciplines important to enterprise transformation and service delivery success.  Peter sits on a national advisory committee on ethics (culture).

He spent five years facilitating major transformations of processes for grants and contributions, and human resources.

His great skill is to apply methodology and tools to facilitate the right solution by management teams:

  • Planning and Performance– Translating a view of the future into concrete initiatives. Business models and benefits management frameworks are vital tools in structuring the planning dialogue to set investment priorities on value for money considerations.
  • Transforming Process – Back-office processes can be leaned and changed to relieve workplace pressures, and achieve more cost-effective programming and systems.  A comprehensive assessment will focus on priorities for investment to ensure feasible business cases and roadmaps.
  • Governance and Oversight – Getting the right management and consultative structures and processes in place (committee mandates, secretariat processes, MOUs and service level agreements) to exercise oversight and used decision models to make decisions on priorities.
  • Values, Culture and Change Management – As the public service changes there will be increasing urgency to assess the capacity and capability to achieve change.  The assessment of impacts on workplace culture and values, must inform enterprise project and ethical risk management, as well as change management interventions.
  • Alternatives for Delivery – As part of ongoing renewal government is obligated to consider alternatives for delivery that will allow it to focus attention on its value-added core functions.

Peter has led multi-disciplinary teams of consultants in major transformation projects within Canada and overseas. Peter has the following professional certifications and memberships.

Certificate in Lean, Villanova University, 2014
Certificate in Change Management, Prosci, 2014
Certificate in Organizational Values and Ethics, Carleton University, 2009Ethics Practitioners Association of CanadaCanadian Evaluation SocietyHuman Resources Professionals Association – Ottawa Chapter

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Marilyn Domagalski

Achieving Results in the Workplace

Marilyn Domagalski has over 20 years experience as a management consultant working at the senior management level in business transformation, organization development, change management and values and ethics.  Marilyn recently advised a major transformation project on change impacts to achieve the next phase of development.  She conducted respectful workplace sessions for two major organizations, and developed codes of conduct.

Marilyn applies a multidisciplinary approach, and analytical and facilitation methods to:

  • Reach strategic planning decisions and develop operational priorities.
  • Build solutions and get buy-in for organizational change
  • Identify process improvement in relation to desired results.
  • Support change management in large transformation projects involving IT enablement of the business.

Workplace Culture is also an area of expertise involving:

  • Codes of Conduct; policies on Respectful Workplace, Conflict of Interest and Internal Disclosure; and ethical risk assessment.
  • Leadership and employee awareness and dialogue sessions to build values-based cultures
  • Respectful workplace sessions with intact teams to address issues and develop actions for building more positive and productive workplace environments

Marilyn has led multi-disciplinary teams of consultants in major transformation projects within Canada and overseas. Marilyn has the following professional certifications and memberships.

Certificate in Change Management, Prosci, 2014

Download Full Resume [PDF]