Strategy and Decision Making

Vision, Mission and Objective Setting

The capabilities of an organization depend on strategic direction tied to measurable performance goals for the effective and efficient management of people, process and technology.  We are skilled at facilitating with management teams vision, mission and objectives.  We ensure these are translated into important change initiatives.  Our models and tools make this a quick and productive journey for management teams.  Buy-in is achieved among all stakeholders.

Integrating Vision with Mandate and Operations

Strategic directions must become practical through engagement with operating managers about the projects, timing, outputs, and responsibilities.  Our tools and facilitation approaches ensure a roadmap for progressing the vision year by year is achieved.  Capacity and other concerns with the feasibility of the plan are resolved with business units.  The plan is phased out over a realistic time frame.

Investment and Priority Decision Making Models (for IT, HR and the Business)

In many organizations discussions around business requirements to support a strategic direction lead to a long wish list of possibilities.  We work with management teams to develop investment proposals and then set priorities on those that have the greatest prospect to build sustained value for the business.   Our priority setting models ensure the investments you choose are accepted as having enterprise value by all business units.  Pet projects are not the order of the day.  We surface the right trade-offs and resource allocation assumptions, that ensure you maximize the use of scare funds and capacities.

Business Cases and Project Plans

An important element of any project cycle is the conceptualization of activities and desired outcomes.  This domain is our strength, since it is a direct result of our knowledge of the business planning cycle, and expertise in risk, benefit realization, issues management, and change management.  We work with clients to develop key project documents that reflect all stakeholder needs.  Options are assessed effectively and a realistic critical path is developed.  We ensure that these documents set the stage for effective quantitative monitoring of outcomes.

Options Analysis and Alternatives for Service

In considering how to proceed with investments a vital step is the careful assessment of options for delivery and procurement.  This needs to consider how to conserve the core talents and time of your staff, and whether  to seek outside skills to meet project or service delivery needs.  We can conduct any level of detailed make or buy analysis, and work with you to financially assess the fully-costed merits of each procurement or delivery option.  We can also work with clients to develop analysis and bidding processes.  In the end, this ensures your organization conserves its core skills for a more focused delivery of mission and mandate.