Building Respectful Workplaces

Methods are employed in the session to encourage comfort in having conversations, obtain widespread participation and engagement in honest, genuine and productive dialogue that will benefit the organization.

The session involves a multi-faceted approach:

  • Formal Training/Learning: The facilitator provides presentation materials of key concepts, requirements and leading examples on Respectful Workplace behaviors in public sector organizations.
  • Experiential Learning: whereby participants, have the opportunity to first reflect on their own values and experiences and then discuss with colleagues both successful behaviors /experiences and struggles in achieving a Respectful Workplace. This is achieved through individual reflection and then facilitated dialogue that ensures positive and productive engagement at all levels.
  • Action Planning: “The How.” Actions and work steps are identified by participants to move both their personal behaviors and organization standards to the desired state of a Respectful Workplace. Practical steps are developed together that are realistic for the organization and ensure the necessary buy-in.