Integrated Toolkit

We provide our clients with ready and scalable tools for decision making and dialogue.  These tools work seamlessly together in supporting change in people, process and technology.

Assessing your capacity and capability to implement mental health frameworks

Implementing a program for mental health requires a planned approach to achieve results.  The guidance available at the Mental Health Commission of Canada and suggested by the Joint Task Force on Mental Health provide important starting points for developing a comprehensive program that can achieve true changes in culture, leadership and management to achieve mental health outcomes.  However, the true test of sustainable results will come from putting in place the required resources organization, processes and procedures that reinforce within working practices the essential dialogue about mental health in the workplace.  Tools for assessment are needed that address the need for sustained results and management of risks around the 13 factors of psychological health and safety in the workplace.

Planning guides and templates

Planning is our corporate forte.  We enable clients with easy tools for collecting and rolling up from business units valuable information on strategy, drivers, risks, projects, performance, and matching this with corporate service requirements (HR, IT, etc.).  We assist you in ensuring a well-timed and integrated planning cycle.  We combine this capability, with an ability to facilitate across diverse business units consensus about initiatives.  We tailor our approach to the agendas, and pace for change possible among stakeholders.

Governance frameworks

Effective implementation of enterprise plans and investments across business units demands clear roles and responsibilities for making joint decisions on initiatives, progress and priorities.  We have ready made models and examples to design the right governance structures of committees, participants and roles to ensure decision making at various levels is streamlined and effective.

Decision models

The assessment of business needs and requirements for change is an essential backdrop for process and system change.  Delivering best value for the enterprise demands that requirements be well defined, assessed and prioritized in relation to business objectives and desired outcomes. Our tools allow for the seamless collection of requirements across the enterprise, the development of criteria for prioritization, and ultimately the setting of priorities recognizing the constrained resource environment.

Process improvement methodologies (Lean)

The essence of process improvement is being able to get the right people in a room and follow a structured dialogue to identify opportunities for improvement in a process value chain.  We follow Lean and other process management and improvement techniques to define your As Is and a roadmap for achieving a To Be process. At the highest process level our work will help you identify a roadmap for transformative change in your business model.  At the lower level, it can drive improvements in timeliness and client service quality.  These all inform business and systems change for enhanced business outcomes.

Performance measurement frameworks

One of the greatest challenges in achieving business outcomes is measuring them.  We believe in the adage “what gets measured gets done.” We work with you to rapidly develop logic models as an architecture of how your business can achieve measurable change from activities and outputs.  Our tools ensure you focus on your leading indicators for high performance.  These are designed to stimulate the right kind of management dialogue for creative solutions building to achieve the next level of success.

Code of Conduct

Grounded in the core values of your organization, we will facilitate the development and understanding of a new Code of Conduct or a refreshing of your existing one.  Our approach is to make this not a compliance document, but rather an appreciate expression of what your culture is and how it can be an even better expression of the values you believe in. We work with you to develop the essential processes and cultural program for spreading awareness to socialize the code.  Your employees will understand where barriers exist, and how to use the code as a standard for best behaviour in their day-to-day work.  We will ensure, dialogue occurs in your workplace as a natural conversation about respect, conflict of interest, and comfort in disclosing early harassment and other wrongdoing.

 Change management tools and dialogue

Following standard approaches in the industry we tailor tools for your change readiness assessment needs, and to ensure your organization can continuously adapt to change as implementation proceeds. We work with senior management teams to assess the impacts of change and the requirements for adjustments in governance and other implementation approaches.  Our tools engage stakeholders to surface and resolve issues.  We develop the right change roadmaps to marshal resources and techniques at the right time to maximum benefit.

Leadership development workshops

We believe that managers demonstrate their leadership style and ethics through the decisions they have made about workplace and workforce issues (such as plans, performance management and staffing).  We have proven workshop approaches that take managers through an experiential appreciative inquiry. Their day-to-day decisions send definitive signals about their qualities as a leader.  They profoundly influence workplace culture (norms) and the behaviors of future leaders.  In our workshops managers can examine and develop action plans for how they can be their best at key moments, and monitor and support their workforce and workplace.

Team charters

A respectful and productive workplace depends on civility, but even more importantly on the ability to resolve work pressures and issues immediately through effective collaboration.  We develop guidance and tools that permit teams to self-monitor.  We support teams in building plans, surfacing opportunities for positive change, and guarding against any sources of unproductive behavior.  Teams emerge with an understanding and set of tools and actions for working together more positively toward shared objectives.

Competency Integration

As clients move toward a more competency-based approach, we develop tools and approaches that allow organizations to bring competency profiles to life within HR process.  Effective behavioral measurement and monitoring supports employees in their career progression, and best nurtures talent.  We ensure that priorities for skills and competencies are identified and aligned with the business.  We also ensure that these are capable of being assessed without confusion and misinterpretation.  This requires careful engagement and elaboration in workshop settings, using effective tools and facilitation approaches.