Change Impact Assessment

Change Impact Assessment

A major modernisation project was nearing its next phase of development.  The Executive Sponsor wanted an objective assessment of the impact of modernization, gaps and lessons learned, success stories, and recommendations on how to manage effectively the rate and pace of change.  Consultations were conducted with key middle managers.  A key recommendation that emerged was the needed to develop a capacity for continuous process management across the enterprise to:

a)Share of Information – Deliberately collect and sponsor best practices and ensure their implementation consistently across the network

b)Problem Solve to Build Enterprise Solutions – Critical issues affecting enterprise productivity are surfaced, and investment priorities are set on those that can have the biggest impact.  The goal was to develop a capacity for continuous process management across the enterprise.

The Executive Sponsor requested that we assess the following important questions:

Impact of modernization:

  • What is the overall impact of modernization?
  • What are the success stories that we can celebrate?
  • What excites staff about modernization? What would be a key message or elevator pitch?
  • What are the top-level benefits achieved?
  • What are some gaps or lessons learned at this stage?

Rate and pace of change:

  • What has been the magnitude of change?
  • What should be the pace of change going forward?

Reaction to change:

  • Is there buy-in or resistance?
  • At what levels does this occur?
  • How is it manifested (shown in practice)?